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Sheri Collins-Carrico, CEO
With over 25 years of experience providing clients with positive results, Sheri brings extensive knowledge of what works best!!! She has spent years on both the client side and the media side which includes: CBS Broadcasting,  Cumulus Media & Susquehanna Broadcasting.

Her account experience encompasses multiple categories including major mortgage companies, home builders, lasik surgeons, investment advisors, restaurants, retailers, political  
and multiple home improvement clients.

On the client side she created Sheri Collins & Associates in the late 80’s and specialized in Automotive Accounts which included: Huggins Honda and Hyundai, Red Bird Nissan Jeep Eagle Suzuki, R.O. Evans Pontiac and Payton Wright Ford

Other Major Accounts Included: Computerland, Control Data Institute, Pulte Homes, Whirlpool Appliances, Dee Snowden  Marine, Wallpaper Warehouse, Advanced Hair Studio, First Texas and Gibraltar Savings.

Her experience and longevity also offers you a major competitive advantage because she knows what your competitor’s have been doing and will help you with your unique selling advantages so you have an opportunity to get ahead of them.

Robert T Carrico, President - CFO
Robert brings over 20 years of successful Corporate Finance experience to the company. He specializes in providing investment opportunities based on the clients criteria and helping the investor 
get the best return on their investments. 

His experience includes Institutional investing at: Beal Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, Bluebonnet Savings Bank and JP Morgan. 

He's a very experienced negotiator who has successfully executed countless 
multi-million dollar investment deals resulting in above average returns. 

If anyone understands how important investment decisions are to a business, it’s Robert.

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